Trans Namibia Expedition 2018

In summer (January-February 2018), Adventurers Ray Zahab (CAN) and Stefano Gregoretti (ITA) ran the length of Namibia, crossing the Namib Desert for approximately 1,800km, heading north from the South African border towards the Angolan border.

The Trans Namibia Expedition was a mix of minimally supported and unsupported sections where Stefano and Ray relied on the gear and equipment that they brought with them to complete each day of the expedition. The duo saved huge distances from their original route by navigating cross country whenever possible.

An experienced crew shot film and photograph of the expedition, uploading content daily, with the primary goal being to bring the expedition into classrooms, and classrooms onto the expedition through daily satellite connection.

As with any of their past expeditions, the team’s goal was to immerse as large an audience as possible into the remote areas of the world in which the duo is exploring and engaging with our followers daily, whether they are students in classrooms around the globe, or those following along through social media and web! See for more info!