Expreso de los Andes 2012: What an Adventure!

i2P Expreso de los Andes Expedition featured a 3-tier challenge with a purpose of educating, inspiring and empowering administrators, teachers and students to take on a Health & Physical Activity Challenge. Ray Zahab and Kevin Vallely attempted to run approx 1,700km across the South American continent from Concon, Chile to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Joining them in the final non-stop stretch was to be two i2P Youth Ambassadors from previous Youth Expeditions! Simultaneously, school Principal George Singfield committed to training for upcoming challenges of his own – the Ottawa Half Marathon and a 50km trail running event in fall 2012! ‘Principal George’ has already enthused and inspired many teachers to follow in his footsteps and prepare for challenges of their own…will you? Many unforseen challenges faced the runners in this expedition, check out the website AndesRun.com to learn more!